(DIR) ersie-fahrt           [Shell] exercises to teach the basics of the comm…  2017-10-27 20:17
 (DIR) gdrinks               [Rust] gopher frontend for honeypot status page     2017-10-11 13:45
 (DIR) gpb                   [Shell] gopher based, pastebin script with gpg-en…  2018-03-11 12:14
 (DIR) honeylight            [Python] ambient room-lighting for the honeypot (…  2019-04-10 02:59
 (DIR) kpm                   [C] a minimal, one-file-based password manager [W…  2017-08-01 15:10
 (DIR)             [Shell] my website - powered by Evil_Bob's static…  2018-02-16 09:16
 (DIR) lmddgtfy              [Shell] script to quickly generate a…  2017-11-06 14:31
 (DIR) nethack-tournament    [Shell] control scripts for setting up a 4-player…  2017-09-08 07:23
 (DIR) onion-completion      [C/bash] tab completion for onion adresses in you…  2017-09-23 10:28
 (DIR) overgrowth            [Python] prints varius server statistics (suitabl…  2018-02-13 12:23
 (DIR) scmm                  [Shell] server-client minutes-maker (powered by k…  2017-11-14 00:12
 (DIR) tkinteresting_game    [Python] tilebased 2D roguelike, uses python tkin…  2018-03-05 07:29