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       You are entering the gopherspace. All visitors are welcome to come here,
       settle down and become an inhabitant of the gopherspace too.
       Here is a little introduction for you newcomers:
 (DIR) Getting started with gopher. (floodgap)
       The fast links to get further in gopherspace:
 (DIR) The Gopher Lawn (categorized links)
 (QRY) Search the gopherspace using Veronica II
 (DIR) Search using contrition (forthworks)
 (DIR) Aggregator of phlog activity on gopherspace. (
       Common centers of gopher activity:
       Do you want to meet the community?
 (HTM) Join #gopherproject on
 (HTM) Discuss with us at
       Do you want to settle down in gopherspace?
 (TXT) Ask the nice people at for a gopherhole.
       Or setup your own gopher server. Just ask the community for how to.