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 (TXT) Vimwiki Revived                                                   [2018/12/02]
 (TXT) Ten years with Ratpoison window manager                           [2018/11/10]
 (TXT) Keeping a minimalist logbook in Vim                               [2018/10/27]
 (TXT) Reading RSS newsfeeds on an old system                            [2018/10/17]
 (TXT) Taskwarrior on Android                                            [2018/09/09]
 (TXT) rcsclean in OpenRCS                                               [2018/08/25]
 (TXT) Scripting with ed and here documents                              [2018/08/20]
 (TXT) Lynx without cookies                                              [2018/08/10]
 (TXT) Using par with Ed                                                 [2018/07/27]
 (TXT) Having fun using the ED editor                                    [2018/07/26]
 (TXT) Switched to st terminal emulator                                  [2018/06/17]
 (TXT) Use Tesseract to OCR a multiple page PDF                          [2018/05/30]
 (TXT) My adventures in using Taskwarrior                                [2018/05/19]
 (TXT) Use par in vi or vim to create nice formatted text paragraphs     [2018/03/23]
 (TXT) Running a virtual machine on OpenBSD vmm                          [2018/03/09]
 (TXT) Kindle highlights to wiki                                         [2018/01/20]
 (TXT) BeagleBone Black as OpenBSD shell server                          [2018/01/05]
 (TXT) OpenBSD 6.2 on BeagleBone Black                                   [2018/01/04]
 (TXT) We must revive Gopherspace                                        [2017/12/28]
 (TXT) Why you still must use RCS                                        [2017/11/17]
 (TXT) Chroot jailed X application testing in Debian                     [2017/10/18]
 (TXT) Encrypted Git remotes with git-remote-gcrypt                      [2017/10/07]
 (TXT) Advantages of FODT format in LibreOffice                          [2017/02/26]
 (TXT) Jails with nullfs mount of base system on FreeBSD 11              [2017/02/12]
 (TXT) Automatic Table of Contents in my awkiawki                        [2016/08/13]
 (TXT) Use KVM with SPICE for remote access                              [2016/05/17]
 (TXT) Compile Vimprobable on OpenBSD 5.8                                [2016/01/15]
 (TXT) OpenBSD 5.8 on an HP 6560b laptop                                 [2015/12/12]
 (TXT) Ejabberd on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Jessie                     [2015/12/06]
 (TXT) Regexp to create bold from an asterix encapsulated string         [2015/11/22]
 (TXT) The almost forgotten art of procmail with fetchmail               [2015/11/17]
 (TXT) Backup multiple git bare resoritories with git clone --mirror     [2015/10/26]
 (TXT) awkiawki a light weight wiki as your personal wiki                [2015/09/26]
 (TXT) OpenBSD 5.7 on BeagleBone Black                                   [2015/06/28]
 (TXT) Compile Vimprobable on FreeBSD 10.1                               [2015/05/29]
 (TXT) Change the color of the cursor in the SSH client on a Chromebook  [2015/05/09]
 (TXT) Encrypted instant messaging with Jabber and GnuPG                 [2014/03/02]
 (TXT) Building a diskless FreeBSD 10 Jail server                        [2013/12/13]
 (TXT) Install a KVM guest over PXE                                      [2010/11/28]
 (TXT) Vimprobable tricks and tips                                       [2010/11/27]
 (TXT) Jails with nullfs mount on FreeBSD 10 without buildworld          [2010/08/10]
 (TXT) Vimprobable: a vimlike browser                                    [2010/01/02]
 (TXT) Using the m4 macro processor for fun and profit                   [2009/11/05]
 (TXT) About this site                                                   [2017/12/28]
 (TXT) My computing habits                                               [2017/12/29]
 (TXT) GnuPG key                                                         [2014-02-16]
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