Welcome to the Gopher Tutorials!
       The following files will help to understand how to use Gopher.  The
       different documents target different kinds of users with different
       technical skill levels.
       Gopher Tutorials is in an alpha stage. You will see, which tutorials need
       additional input. Please help us in making this complete! See below, how
       o contribute.
 (TXT) Gopher Start.
 (TXT) Using your web browser to explore Gopherspace. (
 (DIR) The Overbite Project – gopher for firefox
 (DIR) Legacy clients (
 (TXT) How to use sacc.
 (TXT) How to use a gopherproxy.
 (TXT) How to use gopher in firefox or chromium.
 (TXT) How to use lynx or w3m for gopher.
 (TXT) Commandline clients for gopher (curl, snarf ...)
 (TXT) Other clients available.
 (TXT) Join the community on IRC.
 (TXT) Join the mailinglist.
 (TXT) Brief introduction to the history of gopher.
       Further links:
       TODO: umn
 (TXT) How does Gopher protocol work?
 (TXT) The specifics of menu type 7 (search).
 (TXT) Additional menu types defined over time.
 (TXT) Gopher+.
 (TXT) The Gopher RFC1436
 (TXT) Setting up your own gopher server.
 (TXT) Tips for publishing.
 (TXT) Hints for writing dynamic applications.
       Every server has some quirks or advantages you see in different files
 (TXT) Publishing on geomyidae
 (TXT) Publishing on gophernicus
 (TXT) Publishing on pygophered
       How to find certain content:
 (TXT) Gopherspace Porn
       You can check out the source of the gopher tutorials at:
 (DIR) Gopher Tutorials stagit
       If you have some addition or comment on the files presented here at the gopher
       tutorials, come on IRC on #bitreich-en on freenode and tell us about your
       change or send us directly the patch. A patch will speed up the integration of
       your proposed changes. All input is welcome! Thanks!
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