(DIR) Hundreds of phlogs at SDF
       Read hundreds of phlogs at
 (DIR) Phlogroll phlog index
       An aggregator of most recent phlog entries of the gopherspace.
 (DIR) Robert Alberti's site on SDF
       Co-creator of the internet gopher protocol has a site at now.
 (DIR) A phlog aggregator
       A nice phlog aggregator about all kind of topics.
 (DIR) GirlLove phlog
       A phlog about girl interactions.
 (DIR) Simple Machine phlog
       Simple Machine's phlog about his life.
 (DIR) Kroovy's phlog
       A technical and philosophical phlog.
 (DIR) Xmanmonk's phlog
       A golden resource of phlog writing.
 (DIR) Bitreich phlogs
       News aggregator of of all bitreich members.
 (DIR) matto's phlog
       A phlog on technology.
 (DIR) defanor's phlog
       Defanor writing about technology and gopher.
 (DIR) Auzymoto's phlog
       A phlog on computers and more.
 (DIR) Solderpunk's phlog
       A phlog on computing, electronics, simple living, more.
 (DIR) C-Keen's phlog
       A phlog on gopher, programming and more.
 (DIR) Zcray's phlog
       A phlog about gopher
 (DIR) Dubst3pp4's phlog
       A phlog on computers and more.
 (DIR) Tomasino's phlog
       Tomasino's phlog about all of gopher.
       FAX SEX's phlog, about gopher and other amenities. 
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