This server has a lot of information of history interest,
       funny, or just plain entertaining -- all presented in Gopher.
       There are many mirrors of rare or valuable files with the aim
       to preserve them in case their host disappears.
 (DIR) Old technology ads
       A collection of old technology-related commercial ads from
       ancient times when life was simple.
 (DIR) Abandoneware
       Abandoneware (old software) at
 (DIR) Old Gopher Project
       See a collection of old gopher clients and gopher on everything.
 (DIR) KA10 computer museum
       Use old computers like VAX or PDP-10 right here from your shell.
 (DIR) US Intelligence Files
       Unclassified or declassified documents in the US.
 (DIR) Touchfone collection
       A collection of touchfones.
 (HTM) Multics at
       Experience a multics shell. All live and in color.
 (DIR) Cyber Vanguard's gopherhole
       Cyber Vanguard's gopherhole, showing gopher-related files, abandonware,
       FORTRAN code, and other old stuff.
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