(DIR) The Gopher Project
       The Gopher Project is the central gathering place for all people interested
       in spreading gopher and it's ideas.
 (TXT) Gopher Manifesto
       The Gopher Manifesto.
 (TXT) Gopher is relevant
       Gopher is always relevant.
 (DIR), defending against the web is holding out against the web.
 (DIR) The Gopher FAQ
       The Gopher FAQ.
 (DIR) is promoting gopher and its further development.
 (DIR) Overbite Project
       The Overbite Project creates a gopher plugin for firefox, chrome and a mobile
       client for gopher.
 (DIR) Gopher Places at
       A collection of interesting places in gopherspace.
 (DIR) Contrition search engine
       Search the Gopherspace with Contrition, a search engine curated by Charles
 (DIR) Gopher-related documents at
       A collection of gopher-related stuff, including many old documents about
       the early days of gopher.
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