(DIR) World of Solitaire
       Over 60 solitaire games, available on gopher.
 (DIR) TicTacToe
       TicTacToe on gopher.
 (TXT) Dice Game
       Roll a dice.
 (TXT) What is my IP in ASCII?
       Show your IP in big ASCII letters.
 (DIR) Hangman
       Hangman on gopher.
 (QRY) Mini computer jargon dictionary
       Ask the mini computer jargon dictionary.
 (QRY) Rot13 coder/decoder
       Use the secure rot13 en-/de-cryption for fun.
 (DIR) Day Of The GrParazyd
       A gopher cloud online text adventure that evolved at FOSDEM.
 (DIR) Telnet Games
       A collection of telnet games you can fight against eachother.
 (TXT) Plant Tamagotchi Service
       A plant tamagotchi-like service you can run on your own IRC channel too.
 (DIR) Gopher-Z
       Text-based adventure games on gopher.
 (DIR) ShadowGate Multi User Dungeon
       Text-based multiplayer interactive fiction DnD derivative game.
 (DIR) See your Future.
       See your future tarot cards and interpretation at
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