~~[[ T H E  G O P H E R  L A W N ]]~~
       _____[[ W_E_B ]]
       web2gopher interfaces or web service replacements
 (DIR) textfiles
       A Gopher frontend for
 (DIR) XGopher
       A Gopher frontend
 (DIR) Hacker News (sdk version)
       Hacker News gopher interface.
 (DIR) Project Gutenberg in Gopherspace
       Official Project Gutenberg gopherhole.
 (DIR) paopao Reddit feeds
       Some Reddit feeds about programming available over gopher.
 (DIR) Gopherddit
       A reddit gopher interface at
 (DIR) Gopherpedia
       A wikipedia proxy.
 (HTM) gopherproxy
       A simple Gopher Proxy
 (DIR) Chaotic Media Gopher
       A gopher interface to
 (DIR), defending against the web is holding out against the web.
 (DIR) Hacker News (ycombinator)
       Hacker News gopher interface.
 (QRY) Searx gopher interface
       A gopher interface for the searx anonymous search.
 (DIR) Lobsters
       An unofficial Lobsters mirror on gopher.
 (DIR) Tageszeitung aus Berlin
       A German newspaper from Berlin, Germany.
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