~~[[ T H E  G O P H E R  L A W N ]]~~
       _____[[ V_I_N_T_A_G_E ]]
       vintage software, technology, software and others
 (DIR) Touchphone collection
       A collection of touchphones.
 (DIR) Cyber Vanguard's gopherhole
       Cyber Vanguard's gopherhole, showing gopher-related files,
       abandonware, FORTRAN code, and other old stuff.
 (DIR) FarOutScience
       A learning site for beginners and life long learners. A retro
       computing sandbox in which to play and explore.
 (DIR) Abandonware
       Abandonware (old software) at
 (DIR) Old technology ads
       A collection of old technology-related commercial ads from ancient
       times when life was simple.
 (DIR) KA10 computer museum
       Use old computers like VAX or PDP-10 right here from your shell.
 (DIR) Old Gopher Project
       See a collection of old gopher clients and gopher on everything.
       This server has a lot of information of history interest, funny, or
       just plain entertaining -- all presented in Gopher. There are many
       mirrors of rare or valuable files with the aim to preserve them in
       case their host disappears.
 (DIR) Cmccabe's index of old unix systems
       An index of old unix multi-user systems.
 (HTM) Multics at
       Experience a multics shell. All live and in color.
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