~~[[ T H E  G O P H E R  L A W N ]]~~
       _____[[ S_O_F_T_W_A_R_E ]]
       holes with software projects
 (DIR) Rutype
       Latin to Russian Cyrillic converter
 (DIR) adamsgaard
       Anders Damsgaard's gopherhole and phlog with focus on climate science
 (DIR) Charles Childers' gopherhole
       Charles Childers' gopherhole, showing his software and projects.
 (DIR) gopherhole gopherhole, containing documents, music, software, and
 (DIR) Jason Nemrow's gopherhole
       Jason Nemrow's gopherhole, showing writings, old software,
       documentation, podcasts, and more.
 (DIR) matto's gopherhole
       Matto's personal gopherhole with articles about software.
 (DIR) Cardboard64's gopherhole
       Presenting his RuGopher client and a game engine and personal stuff.
 (DIR) dawoodfall's gopherhole
       Dawoodfall's gopherhole showing his software.
 (DIR) File Download Zone software releases
 (DIR) Atua: a Gopher server
       A gopher server written in Retro, a Forth dialect.
 (DIR) sfeed: RSS/Atom parser (and some format programs)
       It converts RSS/Atom feeds to a TAB-separated file and can format to
 (DIR) A small gopher server written in lua
       Includes a blogging module.
 (DIR) Overbite Project
       The Overbite Project creates a gopher plugin for firefox, chrome and a
       mobile client for gopher.
 (DIR) Abandonware
       Abandonware (old software) at
 (DIR) Interactive Fiction Archive
       Articles, books, software, games and tools about interactive fiction
 (DIR) josuah's gopherhole
       Josuah showing interesting software projects.
       Mattwyrm's gopherhole showing access to VMS and his projects.
       The host of geomyidae and other various resources.
 (DIR) Old Gopher Project
       See a collection of old gopher clients and gopher on everything.
 (DIR) port 70
       Home of mgod and includes a gopher message board.
 (DIR) 20h's gopherhole
       20h's personal homepage showing software like geomyidae.
 (DIR) geomyidae
       A simple gopher server written in C.
 (DIR) sacc
       A simple console gopher client.
 (DIR) A simple C compiler
       SCC is a simple C compiler.
 (DIR) A Gopher Hole of Verisimilitudes
       Verisimilitudes showing his articles, laregly about novel programs of
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