~~[[ T H E  G O P H E R  L A W N ]]~~
       _____[[ P_H_L_O_G ]]
       phlogs (blog on gopher)
 (DIR) phlog's phlog about technology and private stuff.
 (DIR) adamsgaard
       Anders Damsgaard's gopherhole and phlog with focus on climate science
 (DIR) Shane's World phlog
       A phlog about random geeky stuff.
       FAX SEX's phlog, about gopher and other amenities.
 (DIR) Solderpunk's phlog
       A phlog on computing, electronics, simple living, more.
 (DIR) Evil_Bob's (hiltjo) gopherhole
       Evil_Bob's (hiltjo) gopherhole showing his project repositories.
 (DIR) Fefe's Blog
       German technology news from Felix von Leitner.
 (DIR) Hacker News (sdk version)
       Hacker News gopher interface.
       In a future of space ships a relay station is writing about
 (DIR) lich's phlog
       lich's phlog about Musings.
 (DIR) Solene's gopherhole
       Solene's technical blog.
 (DIR) ed68a458's gopherhole.
       ed68a458's gopherhole with his phlog and other ideas.
 (DIR) ed68a458's gopherhole (onion)
       ed68a458's gopherhole, with his phlog and ideas. (onion)
 (DIR) paopao Reddit feeds
       Some Reddit feeds about programming available over gopher.
 (DIR) Super Dimension Fortress – SDF
       The SDF Public Access UNIX System .. est. 1987 Contains a
       phlogosphere, gopherspere and you can host your own phlog and
       gopherhole there.
 (DIR) Tomasino's gopherhole
       Tomasino's gopherhole, containing his phlog, writing, recipes and
 (DIR) Phlogroll phlog index
       An aggregator of most recent phlog entries of the gopherspace.
 (DIR) Tomasino's phlog
       Tomasino's phlog about all of gopher.
 (DIR) Gopherddit
       A reddit gopher interface at
 (DIR) Floodgap rss interface
       Offering: Democracy Now!, TidBITS, Voice of America, Wikinews.
 (DIR) Zcray's phlog
       A phlog about gopher
 (DIR) Hacker News (ycombinator)
       Hacker News gopher interface.
 (DIR) A phlog aggregator
       A nice phlog aggregator about all kind of topics.
 (DIR) Kroovy's phlog
       A technical and philosophical phlog.
 (DIR) Dubst3pp4's phlog
       A phlog on computers and more.
 (DIR) Lumidify's phlog
       Lumidify's phlog
 (DIR) Hundreds of phlogs at SDF
       Read hundreds of phlogs at
 (DIR) Auzymoto's phlog
       A phlog on computers and more.
 (DIR) Lobsters
       An unofficial Lobsters mirror on gopher.
 (DIR) Xmanmonk's phlog
       A golden resource of phlog writing.
 (DIR) jpmens's phlog
       Jan-Piet Mens phlog about Gopher and IT.
 (DIR) Bitreich phlogs
       News aggregator of of all bitreich members.
 (DIR) twtxt gateway for gopher
       A gateway to see twtxt feeds on gopher.
 (DIR) Stargrave's phlog
       Stargrave's phlog about technology in Russian.
 (DIR) Lucie's phlog about her transsexuality.
       Interesting phlog about a transition from male to female.
 (DIR) defanor's phlog
       Defanor writing about technology and gopher.
 (DIR) C-Keen's phlog
       A phlog on gopher, programming and more.
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