~~[[ T H E  G O P H E R  L A W N ]]~~
       _____[[ O_N_I_O_N ]]
       gopher holes on the tor network
 (DIR) leot's gopherhole
       Leot's personal gopherspace.
 (DIR) Lumidify's gopher
       Lumidify's personal page over gopher.
 (DIR) Tomasino's gopher onion
       Tomasino's personal page over gopher.
 (DIR) Sdk's gopherhole
       sdk's developments and gopher services (fefe blog, hackernews)
 (DIR) / T H E E N D /
       / T H E E N D /'s main gopher server
 (DIR) on gopher (onion)
       Goatsex on gopher. (NSFW)
 (DIR) bitreich onion
       The bitreich hidden service gopher.
 (DIR) via onion news via onion.
 (DIR) Saccophore
       Just another home for gopher junkies.
 (DIR) onion service onion service, with stock price, crypto price quotes and
       The host of geomyidae and other various resources.
 (DIR) Pete's place
       Fortunes of Mao and 8ball plus a library of important texts.
 (DIR) jhumphrey's gopherhole
       When running, hosts the greatest gopher server ever written by a banjo
       player in lua
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