~~[[ T H E  G O P H E R  L A W N ]]~~
       _____[[ H_O_M_E_P_A_G_E ]]
       personal homepages on gopher
 (DIR) 0x1bi's homepage
       0x1bi showing his software, some games, and bad wisdom.
 (DIR) Raspberry Pi of Death
       A homepage with many interesting stuff to find.
 (DIR) leot's gopherhole
       Leot's personal gopherspace.
 (DIR) Lumidify's gopher
       Lumidify's personal page over gopher.
 (DIR) adamsgaard
       Anders Damsgaard's gopherhole and phlog with focus on climate science
 (DIR) Charles Childers' gopherhole
       Charles Childers' gopherhole, showing his software and projects.
 (DIR) Tomasino's gopher onion
       Tomasino's personal page over gopher.
 (DIR) gopherhole gopherhole, containing documents, music, software, and
 (DIR) Jason Nemrow's gopherhole
       Jason Nemrow's gopherhole, showing writings, old software,
       documentation, podcasts, and more.
 (DIR) matto's gopherhole
       Matto's personal gopherhole with articles about software.
 (DIR) Cardboard64's gopherhole
       Presenting his RuGopher client and a game engine and personal stuff.
 (DIR) Solderpunk's phlog
       A phlog on computing, electronics, simple living, more.
 (DIR) Evil_Bob's (hiltjo) gopherhole
       Evil_Bob's (hiltjo) gopherhole showing his project repositories.
 (DIR) Sdk's gopherhole
       sdk's developments and gopher services (fefe blog, hackernews)
 (DIR) Sdk's gopherhole
       sdk's developments and gopher services
 (DIR) Consolo Consola
       Consolo Consola's gopherhole, with documents and tutorials about unix
       and the Internet (in Spanish).
 (DIR) Cyber Vanguard's gopherhole
       Cyber Vanguard's gopherhole, showing gopher-related files,
       abandonware, FORTRAN code, and other old stuff.
 (DIR) lich's phlog
       lich's phlog about Musings.
 (DIR) Solene's gopherhole
       Solene's technical blog.
 (DIR) dawoodfall's gopherhole
       Dawoodfall's gopherhole showing his software.
 (DIR) / T H E E N D /
       / T H E E N D /'s main gopher server
 (DIR) ed68a458's gopherhole.
       ed68a458's gopherhole with his phlog and other ideas.
 (DIR) ed68a458's gopherhole (onion)
       ed68a458's gopherhole, with his phlog and ideas. (onion)
 (DIR) antirez
       Salvatore Sanfilippo's gopherspace.
 (DIR) Tomasino's gopherhole
       Tomasino's gopherhole, containing his phlog, writing, recipes and
 (DIR) lambda's gopherhole
       Has IETF docs (e.g. RFCs), Phrack magazines.
       gluon's gopherhole, presenting personal stuff and his projects.
 (DIR) PC Lovers
       PC Lover's Gopherhole
 (DIR) SquareHimself's gopherhole
       SquareHimself showing bible references and his work on gopher
 (DIR) Mateusz's gopherhole
       There is much to see here about gopher history and a media search.
       Infinitely Remote Gopherhole
 (DIR) Saccophore
       Just another home for gopher junkies.
 (DIR) josuah's gopherhole
       Josuah showing interesting software projects.
       Mattwyrm's gopherhole showing access to VMS and his projects.
 (DIR) KatolaZ's gopherhole
       KatolaZ's gopherhole, showing his software.
 (DIR) stevie77de's gopherhole
       "Plan 9 from gopherspace" about his Plan 9 home network and other
       stuff he likes.
 (DIR) Emiel Kollof's gopherhole
       Emiel Kollof's gopherhole.
 (DIR) Kroovy's gopherhole
       Kroovy's personal homepage.
 (DIR) Lumidify's gopherhole
       Lumidify's personal page over gopher.
       The host of geomyidae and other various resources.
 (DIR) Pete's place
       Fortunes of Mao and 8ball plus a library of important texts.
 (DIR) parazyd's gopherhole
       Parazyd showing fun and his personal things.
 (DIR) / T H E E N D / file library
       / T H E E N D /'s gopher file library
 (DIR) 20h's gopherhole
       20h's personal homepage showing software like geomyidae.
       raymii's gopherspace
 (DIR) Felix Winkelmann
       The author of chicken scheme, bones and ?-prolog compiler.
 (DIR) Robert Alberti's site on SDF
       Co-creator of the internet gopher protocol has a site at now.
 (DIR) trqx's gopherhole
       Trqx's homepage with many services he wrote.
 (DIR) jhumphrey's gopherhole
       When running, hosts the greatest gopher server ever written by a banjo
       player in lua
 (DIR) leot's gopherhole
       Leot's personal gopherspace.
 (DIR) Tilde Team Members
       Index of member homepages.
 (DIR) Tilde Town Members
       Index of member homepages.
 (DIR) A Gopher Hole of Verisimilitudes
       Verisimilitudes showing his articles, laregly about novel programs of
 (DIR) Zaledia
       Julien's gopherhole, including a list of active and dead gopher
 (DIR) Ze Libertine Gamer's gopherhole
       Zlg's gopherhole offers content relating to video games, design, and
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