~~[[ T H E  G O P H E R  L A W N ]]~~
       _____[[ G_O_P_H_E_R ]]
       gopher-specifc resources
 (DIR) Cowsay
       cowsay(1) as a Service
 (DIR) Cardboard64's gopherhole
       Presenting his RuGopher client and a game engine and personal stuff.
 (DIR) Sdk's gopherhole
       sdk's developments and gopher services
 (DIR) Gopher-related documents at
       A collection of gopher-related stuff, including many old documents
       about the early days of gopher.
 (DIR) Atua: a Gopher server
       A gopher server written in Retro, a Forth dialect.
 (DIR) Gopher Places at
       A collection of interesting places in gopherspace.
 (DIR) A small gopher server written in lua
       Includes a blogging module.
 (TXT) Gopher is relevant
       Gopher is always relevant.
 (DIR) Overbite Project
       The Overbite Project creates a gopher plugin for firefox, chrome and a
       mobile client for gopher.
 (DIR) The Gopher Project
       The Gopher Project is the central gathering place for all people
       interested in spreading gopher and it's ideas.
 (HTM) gopherproxy
       A simple Gopher Proxy
 (DIR), defending against the web is holding out against the web.
 (TXT) Gopher Manifesto
       The Gopher Manifesto.
 (DIR) The Gopher FAQ
       The Gopher FAQ.
 (DIR) Mateusz's gopherhole
       There is much to see here about gopher history and a media search.
 (DIR) CCSO Nameserver Resources
       Collection of guides, specifications and source code regarding CCSO
 (DIR) The Gopherspace Wayback Machine
       Explore a snapshot of the gopherspace from 2007.
 (DIR) Old Gopher Project
       See a collection of old gopher clients and gopher on everything.
 (DIR) port 70
       Home of mgod and includes a gopher message board.
       This server has a lot of information of history interest, funny, or
       just plain entertaining -- all presented in Gopher. There are many
       mirrors of rare or valuable files with the aim to preserve them in
       case their host disappears.
 (DIR) 20h's gopherhole
       20h's personal homepage showing software like geomyidae.
 (DIR) Robert Alberti's site on SDF
       Co-creator of the internet gopher protocol has a site at now.
 (DIR) is a community spreading the word of simplicity using
       gopher technology.
 (DIR) geomyidae
       A simple gopher server written in C.
 (DIR) sacc
       A simple console gopher client.
 (HTM) Trip Report to Gophercon 1993
       A trip report to gophercon 1993. Very interesting to read.
 (DIR) Zaledia
       Julien's gopherhole, including a list of active and dead gopher
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