~~[[ T H E  G O P H E R  L A W N ]]~~
       _____[[ G_A_M_E ]]
       games of all kinds on gopher
 (DIR) Cardboard64's gopherhole
       Presenting his RuGopher client and a game engine and personal stuff.
 (TEL) Freechess
       Play Freechess over telnet.
 (DIR) Interactive Fiction Archive
       Articles, books, software, games and tools about interactive fiction
 (DIR) Gopher-Z
       Text-based adventure games on gopher.
 (DIR) Pete's place
       Fortunes of Mao and 8ball plus a library of important texts.
 (DIR) Day Of The GrParazyd
       A gopher cloud online text adventure that evolved at FOSDEM.
 (DIR) See your Future.
       See your future tarot cards and interpretation at
 (DIR) ShadowGate Multi User Dungeon
       Text-based multiplayer interactive fiction DnD derivative game.
 (TXT) Plant Tamagotchi Service
       A plant tamagotchi-like service you can run on your own IRC channel
 (DIR) Telnet Games
       A collection of telnet games you can fight against eachother.
 (DIR) World of Solitaire
       Over 60 solitaire games, available on gopher.
 (DIR) Ze Libertine Gamer's gopherhole
       Zlg's gopherhole offers content relating to video games, design, and
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