Welcome to ForthWorks!
       Hi, I'm Charles Childers. This is my personal corner of the
       gopherspace, where I provide some of my programming projects,
       writings, and information on other things I'm interested in.
       General Information
 (TXT) About Me
 (DIR) Projects & Plans
 (DIR) Phlog
       Programming Languages
 (DIR) Retro: a modern, pragmatic dialect of Forth
 (DIR) Nga: a minimal instruction set, stack based vm
 (DIR) Little Smalltalk
 (DIR) Parable: a typed, stack based language
 (DIR) Forth Resources
 (DIR) Atua: a Gopher server
 (DIR) Search the Gopherspace with Contrition
 (DIR) Paopao: Reddit, via Gopher
 (TXT) Server Information
 (TXT) Logging Policy
 (DIR) All Selectors On This Server
 (DIR) Gopher Starting Point
 (DIR) iOS Apps I've Written
 (DIR) Keto
 (DIR) Tuporo
 (DIR) Gopherdon
 (DIR) Necropolis
       This server is running Atua, a gopher server, written in RETRO,
       a Forth dialect I implemented. Some additional services (e.g.,
       the Contrition search tool) are written in Python.
       ------------------------------------------- / atua / running on retro